Looking for a Makeup Tutorial? Here’s a Whole Collection!

Just like clothes, makeup trends change regularly. You may discover the change while flipping through fashion magazines, or, while watching your favorite stars strut and pose on the red carpet. Once you spot that new look, you may be tempted to try it yourself. However, without proper guidance, you may not be able to achieve the same look. This is where Makeup Tutorial comes to the rescue.

This website is an online source containing numerous tutorials enabling you to get the best from your makeup. Aside from teaching you basic skills and techniques, such as how to apply eyeshadow, Makeup Tutorial will help you create the latest, most popular, makeup styles, including smokey eyes, and, cat’s eye makeup. You will also learn some newly discovered aspects of makeup, including the latest tips for eye makeup for blue eyes, and, airbrushing with Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

Each makeup tutorial you find here is divided into three sections: What You Need, Procedure, and Tips. What You Need will inform you which cosmetics, and tools, are required to get a certain look; while, Procedure and Tips, will respectively go over the steps you should follow, and, the tricks you need to know to work like a pro.

However, before you navigate away to the makeup tutorial you want, you may need to learn, or review, a few basics for applying makeup. After all, you can’t start implementing the steps and tips, mentioned in the tutorial, until you can perfectly apply your makeup. So, without further ado, here are some of the golden rules to remember.

  • When it comes to the order of your makeup, you need to start with primer and foundation, and then, finish off with your lips. Though you may be comfortable following another routine you have come up with, this is the best way for you to apply your makeup.
  • When applying primer, make sure to remove any excess product with a tissue. Performing this step will prevent your makeup from curdling on your skin, and, allow it to breathe.
  • If you’re applying powder based foundation, a brush will be ideal. However, if you are using cake or liquid foundation, your fingers will be better than any sponge. Not only can they reach where sponges can’t, but they also allow you to blend your makeup seamlessly.
  • Using moisturizer on your skin, and lips, will keep them from dehydrating and chapping when you have on your makeup.  This little tip is found on most makeup tutorials. However, we go a step further and recommend that you keep a moisturizer and lip balm in your purse to touch up your makeup from time to time.
  • Work with your facial features rather than trying to change them. For example, though you may be tempted to line your eyes in a way that makes them appear large, it is best that you enhance them as they are.
  • While applying foundation, every makeup tutorial will instruct you to apply this product all over your face and neck. However, according to today’s makeup artists and stylists, it is best that you use foundation sparingly. Foundation isn’t supposed to mask your face; it should only serve as a base that may hide your imperfections, while allowing your makeup to set smoothly on your skin.
  • If the sun kisses your skin with a slight tan, you will need to change your foundation shade. If you stick to the same shade your skin will appear chalky. So, unless you’re going to a Halloween party as a ghost, use a darker shade of foundation that matches your tan.
  • Because your eyebrows play a major role in defining your facial features, you need to shape and groom them. You may also require an eyebrow brush, and/or, an eyebrow pencil in order to make them appear thick and luxurious.
  • Women with thin lips usually try to over-draw their lips to make them appear large. This is an out-dated technique that you may have stumbled on in an old makeup tutorial. The reason it is no longer promoted is the fact some women can’t perfect it, therefore they end up looking clownish. If you want your lips to appear fuller, then add dimension with the help of a little shimmery gloss at the center of your lips.
  • Eye makeup is a great way to get your suitor’s attention when out at night. But during the day use eyeliner and eyeshadow sparingly, and, save the dark shades for the night.
  • Do not leave the house without blush. You need that dash of rouge on your cheeks, but, do not overdo it. Stick to using a shade that is one tone darker than your natural face color. This will make you look healthy and fresh, without, appearing clownish.

So, use these golden tips with any makeup tutorial to get a look that will make others go ‘Wow!’



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