Are You Familiar with these Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks?

Women are always looking for tutorials that teach them how to get the latest looks. However, because most makeup tutorial are aimed, by their providers, towards professional makeup artists and users, chances are that you will not end up with the results you were promised. Take, for example, eye makeup; if you do not know how to apply eyeshadow, or, about the best eye makeup for blue eyes, then looks such as smokey eyes can turn into a disaster.

So, if you want your eye makeup to look great, keep in mind the following tips and tricks.

  • Always wash your face and hands before applying cosmetics on your eye area. This is important because your skin needs to be oil-free and your hands should be extremely clean.  Otherwise, you risk your skin, and eyes, becoming irritated.
  • Keep your eyeshadow brushes clean at all times. Doing so will protect your eyes from irritation as well as add years to your brushes’ lives.  Also, if using an Airbrush, clean it after each use.
  • Eye gloss and shimmery eyeshades can look great. However, if you do not apply them correctly, or use them on your oily skin, you will look greasy.
  • Learn to care for your eye cosmetics. This means that you should avoid loaning them to others, throw them out after 2-4 months of use and keep them out of direct sunlight. Not only will following these steps protect your eyes, they will guarantee that your makeup can be applied flawlessly.
  • Though creamy eyeliner offers you more definition, do not use it until you know exactly how to apply it. This means that you should practice how to line your eyes with liquid eyeliner, and, continue to use pencil eyeliner until you perfect your technique.
  • Creating an outline for your eye makeup can be helpful. You can either create dots with your eye shadow, or, draw light lines with an eye pencil that matches your eyeshadow. This trick isn’t only for beginners; professionals also depend on it to create the perfect eye style.
  • Always apply your eyeshadow in layers. Start with a light layer and then build based on how prominent you want your eyeshadow to be.
  • If you get the chance, go for airbrush eyeshadow rather than conventional eyeshades. Companies such as Dinair Airbrush Makeup will provide you with numerous colors which you can mix to create new shades, and, a comprehensive makeup tutorial to use airbrush eyeshadow. Variety aside, airbrush foundation promotes hygiene, ensures your eyes’ safety through its water-based formula, and lasts for hours without caking on your skin, or, streaming down your face.

Remember these tips and tricks to get the most from your eye cosmetics and tools.

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